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Tailored for Artists

As an artist centered app, we try our best to not limit the artists on our platform. These measures include no cropping for any art uploaded (yes, your post can be a comic that is many pages long!), and trying to maintain the best image quality we can. We have eliminated the use of any complex algorithms, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to be seen as well as kept the newsfeed chronological so you won't miss when anyone posts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Artfol? Artfol is available on Google Play and the App Store.
Will Artfol be available on the PC? One day, but our main focus right now is on the app.
Will I be able to post not safe for work art? Yes, Artfol lets users add a NSFW or Gore filter to their art before uploading. Please read our content guidelines for more details on what content we allow on Artfol.
Can I sign up if I am not an artist? Of course! You have the option to sign up with a non-artist account.
Can I use the app if I don't do digital art? Artfol is open to all types of visual art! This includes photography, cosplay, traditional art etc!
Can I switch to an artist account if I signed up as a non-artist? Yes, switching from a non-artist to an artist account can be done in the settings.
Is there direct messaging? Yes, but currently there is no group chat.
How can I support Artfol? You can support us monthly on Patreon or leave a one time donation on PayPal.


Artfol is an independently funded project, started in December 2019. Please consider supporting Artfol on either Patreon or Ko-fi. All money will go towards paying for servers and developing new features.